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We are
Harris Partners. 


We partner with organisations seeking to capture digital opportunities, and help them in building capabilities in a risk-free and self-funding manner.

What we do:

We deliver value quickly by creating great omni-channel experiences

​​We operate across omni-channel environment to deliver 3Rs - right message, to the right customer at the right time. The ideal customer experience should feel like an interaction with a trusted advisor, one where every interaction, regardless of channel, delivers timely and relevant content


We turn data into actionable insights

We start by looking at the data you have available. Every customer interaction – digital or physical – from a webpage visit to a newsletter signup – generates a piece of data. We would typically compile the isolated data sources into a pragmatic 360˚ customer view.  Only after we squeeze value from the available data would we start creating strategies to collect new data

We pragmatically implement the right technologies

We choose and pragmatically deliver the right technologies. Sometimes it means switching to a cloud based solution to enable new functionalities delivering commercial value, and sometimes it means designing a good Excel spreadsheet to ensure a task gets done quickly. Whatever the solution, it should maximise ROI and drive impact

We change culture by building great teams

We understand that to change culture of  any organisation you need to find the people with the right attitude, and give them what they need (skills, capabilities, resources). by creating great teams. When we finish our projects, teams are agile, pragmatic and data driven


Our Clients:

We work with clients who want to challenge status quo. The common thread between our clients from large corporations, entrepreneurs and private equity companies is that they all see opportunities in innovation, and go past the fear of unknown to act on them.


Our Work:

We are proud of the achievements we have made with our clients. 


Get In Touch.

If you are not happy with the status quo and are looking for help in challenging it - you found your match. 

"Future is already here, just unevenly distributed." 

What does "better" look like in your organisation?

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